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Anonymous belched: I can't wait to play as the Gladiator! Repelling attacks at enemies is one of my favorite things. What are your thoughts on the Pre-Sequel?

We’ve already discussed some things about the Pre-Sequel here and here. We’re waiting for the game to come out to form any more opinions on it.

borderlandsfan24 belched: Any idea why Nomads hate midgets (little people) so much?

Who knows man. Maybe they’re just grumpy people, and midgets are pretty annoying. At least in BL2.


Anonymous belched: do you think they will kill off any of the vault hunters from borderlands 2 in borderlands 3? if so, who do you think they will kill off ?

Gr33d: I’m hoping they don’t kill anyone in Borderlands 3, just the antagonist. I mean, as of now, people can’t let go of Angel, Roland, and especially Bloodwing. And the devs are constantly being asked why did they kill Bloodwing to this day, so maybe they learned their lesson and not kill anyone or else they’re going to get asked the same repetitive question for like 2 years.