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Borderlands Confessions
Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
"I like to think that Krieg is the Pandora version of a superhero. Always has his mask on, has super strength, an imposing figure, and his superpower is that he can transform into a badass psycho with the “Release the Beast” skill."
"If there’s one thing in video games I absolutely hate, it’s being taken by surprise. Sometimes I’m afraid to play Borderlands 1 because the enemy indicator is at the bottom and I’m used to the minimap in 2 since I played it first. So I might be focused on something else and then get attacked by a flock of rakk cause I thought they would leave me alone, but nope.
I really hate Rakk.”
"I think Gaige’s demented anarchy voice is the most attractive thing ever and I’m not even gay."
"I punch the confession box!
(translated: I love Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep mostly for the humorous dialogue, though Brick made me laugh the most, and I have the headcannon he went with the gunzerker, mostly because the gunzerker’s melee is punching.)”
"I didn’t realize until yesterday that when Stalkers cloak they’re still on the mini-map."
He does'int have it he's just wondering if there is one.

Then idk. It’s a new dlc, it’s too early to notice any glitches imo.


For that DLC download bug, if it's Steam, the easiest way around that is to go to your Library, right click the game, go to Properties, then Local Files and select "Verify Integrity of Game Cache." If that fails, quit Steam and start it up again in administrator mode. Between those 2, it solves 100% of my problems and saves me gigs in bandwidth.
Is there a glitch with the new DLC where it will download in like two seconds but when it does it, it didn't actually download, or did I just get really lucky?

Idk what gaming platform you’re on so you may just wanna uninstall and reinstall again. If it persists, you’ll have better luck talking with tech support or something.


"I HATE cursed pirates."
"Watching a loot midget run away/not dying when you’re downed is the worst feeling ever. For you might actually miss a legendary weapon."